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January 20, 2021

Nova Scotia issued invitation to express entry candidates on 19th January 2021

Nova Scotia invited immigration candidates to apply for a provincial nomination for permanent residence through its Labour Market Priorities stream on 19th January; The Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) did not disclose how many invitations were issued in the draw.

The stream is linked with Express Entry. This means that those who received invitations must have a valid profile in the federal Express Entry system. In this draw, candidates must have a primary occupation as a financial officer – National Occupation Classification (NOC) code 1114.

In order to receive an invitation, candidates must have received a Letter of Interest from the NSNP through Express Entry. Invited candidates must have also met the minimum work experience requirement for the Express Entry stream they are qualified for, and must have enough money to establish them in Nova Scotia, and pay the required fees.

Those who received a letter of invitation in today’s draw will have until February 18, 2021 to submit their application. Candidates are required to include a copy of their language tests, proof of education and proof of employment.

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