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Canada adds another 246,000 jobs in August.

Canada economy has started recovering from the COVID – 19 pandemic.

Some 3 million jobs were lost following lockdowns introduced across Canada in March to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

However, more people are now back to work .
The results of the August Labour Force Survey released on Friday show that the recent easing of public health restrictions has meant more employment for Canadians generally and for immigrants especially .

In August, employment rose 1.4% for Canadians, rising to within 5.7% of pre-COVID levels. Meanwhile, employment for landed immigrants was up 1.6% while employment for recent immigrants was up 2.2%, a rise driven mainly by the reduction within the population of recent immigrants because of lower newcomer arrivals during the pandemic.

The overwhelming majority of the utilization gains were in full-time positions.
Employment growth was concentrated within the services sector (+1.5%) as against the products producing sector.

The services sector growth was concentrated in educational services, accommodation and food services, and therefore the “other services” industry which incorporates hard-hit hair and wonder salons.
“In the products producing sector, gains in manufacturing were partially offset by declines in natural resources.”

This new report, however, shows that Canada’s economic recovery is moving in the proper direction. Nearly 1.9 million jobs are recovered in recent months. Additionally to the 246,000 jobs created in August, another 419,000 were recovered in July, and 1.2 million were recovered in May and June.

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