About us
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We provide immigration in all over country and universities.


Canada’s natural landscape consists of the rocky mountains, great lakes, arctic, St. Lawrence valley, etc. The chilling winters are pleasurable as the heated houses, cars and public transportation gives the cozy feeling. Who doesn’t want to settle in a country which is so organized and structured when it comes to administration, civilization, etc.

The processing for the Visa can be can be daunting and stressful. But through our mechanized and systematic process you can solve your problem. Citizenship and Immigration Canada for skilled labor launched in January 2015 invites the people to come, work and attain the fellow citizenship of the country.

The basic essentials factors which one must take care of here are:

  •  The assessment of education qualification is done by the concerned bodies, where the verification of the mark sheet is done for every level of education from matriculation to the previous degree received.
  • English Efficiency/ Language Test: The country uses two official language and i.e. French and English hence one has to prove that they are efficient in reading, writing, speaking and listening in any of the language. One must appear for the CELPIP and IELTS for the English proficiency.
  • Profile Creation for ITA: invitation to apply…
  • Arranging Documents like medical reports, marriage certificates, birth certificates etc.
  • Visa Stamping
  • Attain the sponsorship or if you have got the job offer from the Canadian employer, grab some extra points for yourselves

Thus after the submission of the visa application online, the CIC promises to evaluate the applications within six months wherein the regular selection and processing of the applications keeps on happening. Hence after passing through the various stages of selection the approval takes place. And you receive your most awaited PR visa.