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Tourist/ Visitor Visa

Plan a terrific international vacation with family and friends and have tourist visa from us. Furthermore, your visitor visa allows you to visit a family or friends in the other country or avail medical facility in foreign.

But leave all your botheration of availing tourist/ visitor visa on Busy Bee immigration. And enjoy the trip as we take care of all your visa application prerequisites. Additionally, by simplifying the process of tourist visa application, we provide stress free execution of tourist visa application.

From filling of the application to seeking permission from the embassy for the visa processing, we let you have visa by making all the arrangements. Moreover, you can count upon us for promptness and in-time service.

Documentations Required for Tourist/ Visit Visa

You require basic documents to apply for the tourist visa and it comprises of:

_6 month’s bank statement

_Previous 3 years Income tax return

_Financial documents such as property investments or other investments

_Medical examination report

_Two passport size color photos

_Valid National Passport

Herein, the particular embassy of the country tries to verify your financial statement, where they try to know about your financial capacity to survive in the country and ensures that you are not in any financial debt before entering the country. The country also intends to check that you are not suffering from any kinds of health problems or illness.

Note: Your tourists’ visa is applicable only for visiting purpose, and you cannot work on this Visa.


Application Process for Tourist/ Visitor Visa

By gathering all the vital information from your end, we proceed in the direction of having tourist visa.

Step 1: Is to fill in the application form

Step 2: It’s the repayment of visa application fee

Step 3: And there you receive the tourist visa after fulfilling all the requirements and eligibility criteria.

The processing time for the tourist visa stretches from 20 to 25 days whereas the validity of tourist visa expands up to 12 months.


Application Fee for Tourist Visa

The application fee for tourist visa is as per the charges levied by the nationals in their national currency. Thus the payment of visa application fee varies from nation to nation.

And after, you have processed the application fee, we process the procedures and verify the documents for visa application. And there you go receiving your tourists’ visa.

Why Busy Bee Immigration for Tourist/ Visitor Visa?

With the years of experience and end to end response to your every immigration related query, we have a platform ready for all kinds of tourist visa services. And our authorized service in assisting the visa is trusted and reliable because we maintain a transparency in operation. Thus be carefree with our tourist/ visitor visa service.


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